Volcano tours, Land tours, Boat tours around the Caldera, Wine tours, Large group Catamaran Tours, and Traditional Tours……many travelers suffer from tour-related headaches. There is no need to roll your sleeves up and dig in, exploring your options during your holidays. Deep down you really don’t want to get into that, especially during your holidays. Here are some Tips to avoid this Holiday Headache and identify the way to live the experience of a lifetime.

Don’t leave it ‘til the last minute

Popular Tours, especially those rated high (5 stars) on Trip Advisor, get booked up quite early. Most Online platforms and websites offer free cancelation up to 24 hours in advance so there is no need to think that you will lose your money if you cancel the previous day. Beware that the semi private Tours in High season get booked up so fast that there is no availability even 2 days before departure.

Read All Key Details so to compare different options.

  • Highlights of the Trip: Which places will you visit? What are the most fun moments of the Trip?
  • Meals and Drinks: What kind of food is included in the Trip? Are all drinks offered unlimited?
  • Transfers from/to your hotel: Many times Transfers are not included in the package and you end up paying a lot of money or waste a lot of time until you get to the points of departure.
  • Additional costs: Are there any additional costs during the Trip? Lots of Travel Agencies avoid mentioning additional costs such as entrance fees, or drinking costs.
  • Quality of Service: Will you be treated like a Guest or will you be ignored during the Trip?
  • Duration: Fun Tours do not last longer than 5 hours. In Case you choose a Tour longer than that, make sure you don’t have to run around during the whole trip and there are a lot of relaxation stops.

Decide what counts:

Time cannot be saved, it can only be spent, and if it is not spent wisely and well, it is wasted.

Local Support for immediate help:

Take advantage of our experience and knowledge of the island. Our local representatives are reachable 24 hours so as to be able to assist you in your time of need.

Exemption from contingencies:

What if you get sick during your holidays? What if your flight is cancelled and you miss your Trip? Most Travel agencies do not proceed with refund especially if you cancel the Trip a couple of days before departure. Because you never know…. Make sure you have a Travel Insurance.