Santorini is truly picturesque place and offers the chance for memorable moments that will stay forever in our minds. Santorini Sailing is the ultimate must-do while you are on the island.

Santorini Sailing is the perfect chance to explore the island all over while you sip on marvelous local wine and munch on local delicacies.

In Booking Day Trip we are proud to say that our Santorini sailing trips are planned from the beginning to the end with our guest’s pleasure priority in mind.

We start our santorini sailing with a tour in Ammoudi Bay where you can swim and dive in the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Ammoudi Bay is the deepest part of the sea. Rumors have it that in Ammoudi Bay is the “Lost Atlantis”. Even Jacques-Yves Cousteau himself explored that part of the Aegean Sea and could not find the end of the bottom. But we will talk more about it while on board.

Later, our sailing trip continues to the isle of St. Nikolas where you can take pictures of the traditional white blue houses that seem like falling from the cliffs of the island.

After this our new and luxurious boats will take you to the volcanic islands of Nea Kameni where you will get to see in a breath distance a real active volcano. Following the volcano our boat will stop for a dive break at the therapeutic Hot Springs.

A true Santorini sailing could not be true to itself if we don’t pass through the unique Santorini Caldera and end up to the famous Red Beach for swimming and snorkeling. After our stop you get to dry up under the majestic Greek sun at the White Beach. While you relax and dry, our crew will prepare for you a delicious meal based on local ingredients and recipes. Food that will accompany your wine perfectly. All these will happen during the world-famous sunset.

Really, what else can somebody ask for in life? Waste no more time to reach that feeling of fullness and book your Santorini sailing tour now. Worry not, after all we only care about your relaxation and we offer you free cancellation. No fees apply to cancellation at any time prior to departure.

We want you to take lots of pictures therefore our Booking Day Trip Gift is a Selfie Stick.


Our Santorini sailing Taiti Day Cruise (15:30-After Sunset) includes:

  • Transportation from/to the hotel with an A/C minibus.
  • Information about the island.
  • Lunch with Chicken skewers,Hot dog and salads (vegetarian meal available).
  • Unlimited local wine and soft drinks.
  • Lloyds Travel Insurance
  • Max. 60 guests

Our cruise package(15:30-after sunset) includes:

  • Transportation from/to the hotel with a/c bus
  • Lunch or dinner with BBQ chicken fillet, sausages, rice, Greek salad, tzatziki sauce and fruits
  • Vegetarian meal available upon request
  • Unlimited local wine and beverages
  • Towels and snorkeling gear
  • Information about the island
  • Selfie Stick
  • Max. 16 guests
  • Lloyds Travel Insurance

The Gold Day Cruise (11:30-16:30) includes:

  • Transportation from/to the hotel with an A/C mini-bus.
  • Information about the island.
  • Lunch with seafood, chicken fillet and salads (vegetarian meal available).
  • Unlimited beers and local wine.
  • Snorkeling gear, Towels
  • Information about the island
  • Max. 16 guests
  • International Management Safety Code
  • Lloyds Travel Insurance (refundable price option)