Most of us daydream about our vacations throughout the whole year. We spend so much time thinking, planning and dreaming about vacations that they should be perfect, shouldn’t they? After long search you have landed on your dreamy Santorini travel and your even more dreamy Santorini sailing cruise with Booking Day Trip. You have spent hours on finding everything you need and you, literally, cannot stop thinking about it.

Well, unfortunately, life has its own twist and sometimes things can go terribly wrong during our hard earned and dreamy vacations.

In Booking Day Trip, due to the fact that we have encountered with guests, in our Santorini salining cruises from all over the world, we have heard all sort of personal incidents from them. Luckily for us(and only us cause not so luckily for them) they have shared with us their stories from their most disaster vacations. We have gathered the 4 most common things that have went terribly wrong with them and we are sharing with you so you can be more prepared for your next vacations.

Let’s start!

1. You get sick

It’s horrible we know! We have actually long debated about which scenario is the worst: to get sick before the vacations and miss them completely or to get sick while on the vacations? It was a heated debate and no conclusion has been made. We decided that both scenarios are horrible equally. However, getting sick is one of the most common situations you can find yourself in, either before or during. Please, be noted that we took under no consideration the possibility to get sick after the vacations, cause nobody really brought this scenario up!

So, in both scenarios your next steps are pretty common. Either you get sick before the vacations or during you will have to follow the same pattern. What do you do? You are sick and probably really sad that you will have to change your plans. First of all, we are really sorry that you are sick. Secondly, you should see through your Plan B options? What? No Plan B? Well that’s unfortunate! Luckily for you in Booking Day Trip we are well aware that, unfortunately, being forced to change your plan is a human thing. Therefore, all our Santorini sailing cruises come with a free cancellation policy prior departure. No worries there we have you covered. What you need to do is to get well!

As a general rule that everybody should follow though is to check cancellation policies to make sure that you will not have to pay anything for no show. Unfortunately, not everybody is as understanding as we are in Booking Day Trip with our Santorini sailing cruises.

2. Lost luggage

You find yourself stuck on the traffic on your way to the airport and it’s that tearing moment that you realize that you will not make it! What a bummer! Or your flight is cancelled due to strikes or weather conditions. Either way your mean to get to your dreamy vacations is not available anymore. What will you do? You can visit the airlines website and find out their cancellation policy. While you are there find as much information as you can for delays that may occur in the near future if you will be forced to reschedule your flight. In case of strikes, most companies that respect their self will pay for your accommodation if you are already there or give you a full refund if you do not wish to travel anymore.

If you decide not to travel anymore you will have to check scenario 1 in this article. However, we strongly recommend you to not miss your Santorini sailing cruise and find the next suitable flight. In any case, as mentioned above, in Booking Day Trip we offer tailored made Santorini sailing cruise that come with a free cancellation policy up to any time prior departure.

3. Lost luggage

We all thought that this is with an argue on the top 5 worst things that can happen during your vacations and probably the most common one. You arrive at your travel destination and you are ready to start living the dream, and its then that you realize that your luggage has been lost! You find yourself with no more clothes and all your personal belongings on the loose. Traveler’s worst dream by far. What you need to do is make a claim at the airline company and wish that your luggage will be found soon. Additionally, you should inform your tour rep, hotel manager and/or vacations planner that you are dealing with that unpleasant situation. Make sure you keep all the receipts since most of the companies will offer you a reimbursement for any purchases you will make in essential things such as clothing and toiletries. However, always keep in mind that when you are experiencing Santorini sailing cruise a swimming suit, a hat and sunglasses is all that you will need.

4. Your holiday package is not as sold

Definitely, one of the worst things that can happen to anybody during vacations and unfortunately one of the most common situations people find themselves into. What should you do first? Well start with pointing the elephant in the room at your travel organizer. Check their policy on refunds and compensations. Some companies might offer you right away a compensation which might be the terminal one, and some others might offer to settle when you are back home.

In Booking Day Trip we take great pride for our hand-picked Santorini sailing cruises. Therefore, booking with us your Santorini sailing cruise will leave you with only pleasant suprises.

These were the 4 most common things that can totally go wrong during your vacations. We sincerely wish that you never find yourself in any of these situations. We are looking forward to seeing you all in the summer in the most beautiful island.

For any further information about your dreamy vacations do not hesitate to contact us!